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Hey,  I'm hayley!

Some of my favorite things:


-Mexican Food

-Dunkin Donuts

-Shonda Rhimes Shows


-My hot hubby


I am a Wedding & Boudoir Photographer based in Cleveland, TN. If you don’t know where that is, it’s a town right down the road from Chattanooga! I have been running my photography business for going on 3 years now. Growing up, my papaw was a photographer and I don’t remember a time where I wasn’t in front of his camera. I remember thinking it was so cool when he had his own dark room in the garage and I watched him develop his film. That same passion was instilled in me and here I am today! I am completely in love with being able to freeze a moment in time that my clients can look back on the rest of their lives. I try to make a point to especially capture that in between moments you don’t even realizing are happening. Being trusted to capture all of the love, memories, and everything in between on a wedding day is a huge honor, and every time I get to do it makes me so happy!