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meet the let’s tacobout it team!

Hayley and Christan are both photographers with a passion for helping others learn about the industry! Hayley was voted Best of the Best for Photography in Cleveland, TN for 2018 and Christan was voted Best of the Best for Photography in Chattanooga, TN for 2018. We love tacos, animals, and sharing our knowledge about photography and helping others achieve the photography goals they’ve always dreamed of!

Christan & I met on instagram and we instantly had photographers chemistry. I asked her out on a friend date to the Gardner’s Market in Cleveland and that was the first time we met and we hit it off instantly. I woo’d Christan in by inviting her over and cooking her some southern meals and from that, the rest of our friendship is history. We have been to Ireland together (where I photographed her proposal), we have traveled to NYC together, and next our on friend travel list is Hawaii. I was drawn to Christan’s work because the emotion she captures is honestly unlike any other photographer I’ve seen. It’s so natural for her to capture those in between moments of emotion that you don’t even realize are happening.

So I decided to interview Christan and this is why she loves me ;)

“Hayley and I have a friendship love story that began on Instagram. I instantly fell in love with her passion for Boudoir and playful but elegant wedding images. Along with the fact that she is super human running a boutique, going to to school full time, and running a pretty kick ass photography business (and I have to include that she ALWAYS looks cute).”

who are these classes for?

Our camera basics classes are perfect for those who are trying to learn how to work that fancy camera they got for Christmas that they’ve never touched, someone looking to get into photography as a hobby, someone wanting to get into photography as a career or someone who just wants to know how to get those cute photos of your every day life and freeze those special moments forever.

Camera Basics I

  • Difference between a point + shoot and a DSLR

  • Benefits of shooting with a DSLR

  • Difference between lenses & how to choose the right lens for the type of photography you want to shoot

  • Different brands of camera gear

  • Lens, diffusers, & flashes

Camera Basics II

  • How to shoot in manual

  • Break down of the 3 main camera functions: ISO, aperture, and shutter speed

  • What settings work for what situations

  • One on one time of showing you how to work your camera

Posing Basics

  • How to pose in harsh lighting

  • How to work your angles

  • Which camera settings work for your lighting situations

  • How to pose/give direction to clients during photo sessions

Editing Basics

  • How to use basic functions of Lightroom

  • How to import photos

  • How to  adjust exposure, shadows, contrast, highlights, etc.

  • How to find your style

  • How to export photos


Let’s TAcobout it workshop

July 13, 2019 9:00 a.m.- 3:00 p.m + break + regroup at sunset for styled shoot

Location: Urban Lawn in Chattanooga, TN

What to expect: This workshop is geared towards those who have an intermediate knowledge of photography or have attended our Basics Classes. We will be diving deeper into the categories you have learned about in these classes as well as teaching about how to properly charge for your services and talk about why photographers charge what they charge. This workshop will be FUN. We will be catering mexican food, have the cutest goodies from the cutest local bakeries, have fun music on site, a VW Bus Photobooth, provide you with the cutest Let’s Tacobout It merch, and take you for a roof top experience for a styled shoot for you to test out the new skills you have learned, that way you can come away from this workshop with some images for your portfolio. We can’t wait to tacobout it all with you! <3

sign- up options:

  1. You can sign up for any of the “Basics” classes individually for a price of $125 per class.

  2. You can book the “Basics Package” which includes Camera Basics 1, Camera Basics II, Posing Basics, and Editing Basics for $400 which will save you $100.

  3. You can sign up just for the Lets Tacobout It Workshop. This workshop is for those who have an intermediate knowledge of photography or have already attended our basics classes. The workshop is $500 and will include an optional styled shoot.

  4. You can sign up for Basics + Lets Tacobout It Workshop which is an all inclusive package of all of our Basics Classes + The Workshop for a total of $800 which saves you $100 if all booked individually.