5 Tips For The Perfect Wedding Day Skin

Everyone wants to have unblemished, even skin tone, perfect & glowing skin on their wedding day. I reached out to a talented makeup artist, Brooke Humble of LBHMAKEUP, to share her best kept tips on how to achieve the perfect canvas to apply your makeup on for your wedding day!

Christopher Ramos Photography/Makeup by LBHMAKEUP/Hair by Skyla Andrews

Christopher Ramos Photography/Makeup by LBHMAKEUP/Hair by Skyla Andrews


Brows help shape the face and truly make such a difference to your over all look. Your eyes will appear much more open and lifted, complementing your overall look.


You never know when you’re going to get an unwanted surprise on your face. We all get them from time to time, but realllllly hope we don’t on our wedding day. So with that being said, don’t do anything crazy within a few weeks of your wedding. Avoid aggressive facial treatments any time close, don’t switch up your skin care to anything crazy, and DON’T PICK. Definitely do not neglect your skin, either. Don’t sleep in your makeup and make sure you’re getting plenty of moisture even if you have oily skin it’s important to moisturize! If you do break out, don’t freak out! Your MUA has this down, but skin care never hurts. Perform your normal skin care the morning of makeup application.


AVOID any waxing on your face the same day as your wedding. It is necessary to have any excess facial hair removed, but do so the day before, at least! It causes redness and inflammation and also leaves a residue that prevents the face products from performing correctly.


If you didn’t schedule a trial run, be prepared with makeup looks you love for your day. Your MUA would rather be flooded with photos than be told you have no idea what you want. This ensures you know what you’re going to end up with. Pay attention to details in pictures you like: eye shadow colors, winged liner, bold brows, color of blush, bronzed/light/airy??? There are so many different styles of makeup and your MUA wants to know what YOU expect, so make sure you’re prepared with lots of pictures and ideas. If you’re overwhelmed by the idea of makeup, we can at least choose something together that works the best for your from your options.


Last, but certainly not least, take the time to relax and dedicate your attention to the time you have with your makeup & hair artists. It is a time for you to be pampered. This is a time where family and or bridal party can help answer calls and tend to vendors if possible. This day is going to fly by faster than you know and this is your chance to take a second to BREATHE. It also allows the makeup or hair artist to complete their best work in a timely manner. Most timelines are on a strict schedule and it is important to stay on schedule to ensure everyone is GLAM, FAB, and ready on time!!!

It is most important that you enjoy your day and feel absolutely beautiful! I hope these tips will help things run a little bit smoother for you so you can spend time with those you love and soak it all in. This day is all about YOU and your BOO!


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